How to Remove Red Wine from the Carpet?


Carpet stains can look like dirt and chaos to even the cleanest, most organized homes. So, it is common for people to ask how to remove these carpet stains so that the environment looks clean and fresh. Removing stains can be difficult as some types of substances make marks harder to remove than others. So, how to remove stains on the carpet?

In this article, you can use a solution to remove some of the most difficult stains. These methods work for most cases, but you should be aware that stain removal also depends on your carpet type. Remember to follow your carpet care instructions to avoid damage.

Stain removing red wine

Red wine stains on carpets should be removed as soon as possible to prevent permanent infiltration of the fabric. Use a clean cloth to absorb the stain immediately.  After absorbing the excess, apply a remover, always testing first in a small area, and let it act for a while.

Then remove the product with a sponge and warm water. For light carpets, apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to the stain.  Let the mixture work for about five minutes and then rinse with water. Vinegar can also be used for red wine stains. Apply some vinegar to the stain and add laundry detergent over it. Leave the stain soaked in the mixture and then remove the solution with water.

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