Why Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Many Australians love to DIY around the home in an effort to both save money and feel the satisfaction of doing the job themselves. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning the process can take a lot of time and energy and there’s no guarantee you will get the quality result you are expecting.

To avoid the hassle, we strongly recommend you consider employing the services of carpet cleaning companies Gold Coast. Method Floors Solutions has been servicing the Gold Coast region since 2008, providing quality carpet steam cleaning solutions to achieve a high-quality finish at an affordable price. For more information, click here to view our full range of cleaning services, including tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning Gold Coast and more!

The Process

A Method Floors Solutions technician will inspect your carpet to ascertain whether it needs to be cleaned with a soap and water mix or a special chemical solution. The steam carpet cleaning extraction method is recognised by many carpet manufacturers as the most effective carpet cleaning process. The steam cleaning machine works by propelling the hot water solution onto the carpet at high pressure which allows dirt and grime to loosen up as the vacuum sucks the dirty water back up into the machine, leaving your carpet looking fresh and as good as new.

Stain Removal

Stains and dirty marks have a considerable effect on the overall look and condition of a room. DIY-ing stain removal may work, however our technicians at MFS understand the science behind stain removal and can select the right chemical agent for even the toughest of stains.


Avoid the nasties! While a regular vacuum cleaner is fine for everyday cleaning it cannot remove the billions of dust particles and allergens that build up within the carpet fibres; often exuding an unpleasant odour and causing health-related issues. A regular professional carpet cleaning regime is the best solution for keeping your home or business looking clean and hygienic.

Pros & Cons

Having your carpets cleaned regularly is an important service that helps to keep your home safe from disease-causing microorganisms and maximises the life of your carpet. Whilst we aren’t saying DIY-ing is not commendable, it’s important to be aware of the possible risks such as applying the wrong chemicals to your specific carpet, using an incorrect machine or method, failing to dry the carpet properly or the overuse of chemicals, leaving residue in the carpet.

So, why spend a whole day (or two!) carpet cleaning, when you can call in a professional carpet cleaning service. Our team at Method Floors Solutions will clean your carpet in a matter of hours – efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to book a service, ph. 0422 097 074 or Book Online.