Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Using specialized equipment and cleaning techniques, our tile experts can bring your tile and grout back to life.

Tile Cleaning and Grout Lines - Gold Coast

In recent years tile has become an increasingly popular home flooring choice. Subjected to everything from dirt and grease tracked in on shoes to cooking oils that settle from the air, tile takes a lot of abuse. Over time it can lose its shine and lustre. Because the grout lines are recessed and often lighter in colour, they are usually the first to show soiling. Even dirty mop water can stain the grout lines.

Using specialised equipment and cleaning techniques, our tile experts can bring your tile and grout back to life. We can usually get better results in an hour than you could after scrubbing all day! We have special cleaning agents and processes for stubborn problems like mould, mildew and mineral buildup.

Method Floor Solutions, your Tile and Grout cleaning experts, cover the deep cleaning of all tiles and grout lines within every tiled room of your home. Hiring professionals to do the job restores tiles and grout to its former state – deep cleaned and shiny leaving your home clean and fresh.

Hiring a professional tile cleaner on the Gold Coast will promise you the following benefits:

  • Extend the life of your tiles
  • Prevent mould forming on the surface of the floors
  • Prevent floor surfaces from discolouration
  • Remove stains on tiles and grouts
  • Increase the value of your home

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