Water Damage Service

Water Damage

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Water Damage - Gold Coast

Method Floors Solutions provide fast and responsive service to prevent long-term water damage
on your floors. Due to its nature of urgency, our technicians strive to arrive onsite as first priority,
utilising professional equipment to immediately extract all standing water, then proceed to clean
and dry your floors.

When you first notice flooding, try to stop the source of water coming into your home if possible, here are some common causes of flooding and what you can do:

  • Burst pipes or Leaking appliances (Such as washing machine and dishwashers)

Turn off the main water supply – this is usually located on your water meter at the front of your home. It is a good idea that all family members know where this is in case of an emergency.

  • Storm water and heavy rain

Close all windows and doors, create a barrier to prevent any further water from entering your home. For example, use sand bags to seal doorways and block any gaps in windows.

  • Large ornament fish tanks (leaking and spontaneous shattering)

You will be surprised how much water a large fish tank can hold and flood your entire living area! Immediate switch off the water supply to the fish tank, scoop up your fish into a bucket and be careful of broken glass pieces.

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Method Floors Solutions is a local company servicing the Gold Coast region and have been operating since 2008.

Method Floors Solutions offers cleanings services to commercial and residential clients including schools. We are specialists in Carpet, Tile, Mattress Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Flooding, Water Damage and Carpet Stain Removal. But we also carry out the most diverse types of floor cleaning.

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