What is the difference between dry-cleaning and steam cleaning?

Keeping clean is not a matter of hygiene, care also aims to keep all your assets in top condition and extend their useful life. In this post, we will know the main differences between dry cleaning and steam cleaning

When you buy upholstery, keeping up to date on cleaning makes all the difference and saves you a lot of worries. After all, something that is well cared for is less likely to deteriorate. Ignoring the need to clean as often as necessary can cause damage.

When you don’t clean often, the dirt that ends up hurting the upholstery and even causing respiratory and allergic problems for those who frequent the environment.

In some environments, cleaning becomes even more important, such as hospitals, clinics and ambulances. Keeping these places clean represents not only are but also a duty to maintain the health and safety of all.

To find the ideal way to clean each surface, you need to know the existing options, their differences and which one is ideal for each need. In this context, many people imagine that steam and dry cleaning are similar – if not equal – which is a big mistake.

Dry cleaning

This technique does not use water, but specific products to remove dirt without having to wet the surface. The application of substances is usually performed with microfiber cloths or flannel, which endanger the painting of a car or even preventing the cleaning of deeper layers of upholstery or pillows. 

The big issue with dry cleaning is the care it demands. The use of chemical solvents for sanitation makes it necessary to wait a while after sanitizing, so that there is no risk that people will breathe chemical components, causing health damage.

Steam cleaning

When it comes to poisoning hazards, steam washing has a bonus: it’s safe. This type of cleaning uses steam produced by water condensation. The temperature reached by this steam confers a great power to remove dirt, including microorganisms that may be harmful to health. 

The ease with which steam can reach deeper layers of the surface is also an interesting point. As the steam is less dense, its permeability in the upholstery is higher, making cleaning easier. 

Steam cleaning has a shorter drying time than conventional soap and water cleaning, and also uses a much smaller amount of water resource. The use of chemicals is not required as steam can clean almost all the dirt, leaving the use of chemicals only for tough stains.

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